My One and Only

Yesterday 01-07-2017, my one and only son tied the knot with his one and only, Annalise. Although it expected to happen, it was also unexpected yet this day could not have been filled with much love and many blessings. My son has grown to be a responsible young man before my eyes but it seems that the years has passed me in a flash.


I was happy to have a wedding dress that fit Anna perfectly, no alterations needed, and I still had my veil that I gladly handed down to her. (Yes, I do have approximately 25 wedding dresses from a dream of opening a wedding boutique.) The wedding was simple and beautifully held at Fort Santa Agueda aka Fort Apugan in Agana Heights, GUAM surrounded by immediate family members.

(tear) It feels like yesterday where Xander (my Casper as I called him) was finding his first steps footing, independently feeding himself, watering grandma’s flowers in diapers and rain boots, and fussing with his preschool teachers because they’re special project required him to get his hands dirty.


When his voice started to become deeper and was suddenly towering over me, I knew there was no stopping him from growing up. Then he become a father to our handsome glam-son, Ayden Alexander and made us proud glam-parents. I thought there is nothing more that this child can do to bring to light that he is no longer a young child but now, he’s a husband (lots of tears). The first grandchild of my mother also gave her the first great-grandchild. Yes, he is grandma’s favorite 🙂

We are very happy to welcome Anna to the familia.

Passion: Familia

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