Jamaican Grill

Our son is officially Alexander is 21! Time needs to stop because I can’t keep up with him and his many life changing events. 2 days prior to today he exchanged vows with Anna and nearly 2 years ago they had their son Ayden.

Although today I wanted to legally have a beer with him, he chose a mixed cocktail.


With 3 convenient locations spanning from Hagatna to Dededo, Jamaican Grill is the perfect family gathering place with Ya Mon Serious Food grinds. We went to the Hagatna location and although we were not able to sit inside, the lanai seating was just fine. You can order individual dishes but family platters offer a great value.

Although the restaurant was quite full of patrons, the turn around our order was quick and the staff never let up. They consistently checked on us and cleared dishes when needed.

We ordered 1 pitcher of splash juice and 1 pitcher of water, which was just enough. We started with their addicting Jerk Fries and then ordered the chicken/rib family platter combo with included an order of house salad, chicken kelaguen appetizer, and roasted banana & ice cream for dessert. There was 6 adults, 1 child, and 1 baby in our party and we still had leftovers.

20170109_184507aSplash Juice

20170109_185734aOh-So-Good Jerk Fries

20170109_185801aJerk Chicken Kelaguen with fried Tatiyas

Oh kelaguen! I don’t eat kelaguen of any kind (yes I’m a fake Chamorro girl) but I have never acquired the taste for it. However, keleguen is a way of preparing the dish, which is very similar to ceviche. There are a variety of kelaguen dishes – fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, deer, crabmeat, and many others. The lemon in the dish cooks the meat which normally will not require you to cook it, but we do recommend to boil/bbq the chicken. I have made chicken kelaguen (no taste testing on my part, only fingers crossing that I made it correctly with my mom’s semi detailed instructions). Many of my mainland friends absolutely love it and call it cold lemon chicken. Fresh coconut adds flare and depth to the dish but can also pose a risk of spoilage which is why kelaguen dishes must be kept cold or not left out for a long period. Normally eaten with corn tatiyas (aka tortillas), it can also be served over salad or enjoyed alone.

20170109_185844aChicken/Rib Combo

The platter consists of pieces of 1 whole chicken, full slab of pork ribs, and 50/50 Jamaican Rice & Chamorro Red Rice. If you are new to Guam and have not had red rice, do yourself a favor and order. If not, get used to it because you’ll find it on many restaurant menus… including KFC.

20170109_190345aA side of finadene is a must when eating any kind of BBQ on Guam

Finadene is another staple of Guam. In most restaurants, you can most likely ask for finadene and they will have it. Made of soy sauce/shoyu, water, vinegar, white/yellow onion, green onion, lemon, and donne (chili pepper). Don’t ask for measurements because it is by taste when we know it’s just right… that goes for most Chamorro dishes.

20170109_193909aRoasted banana with ice cream and all the fixins

20170109_193855aAlthough the mango cheesecake did not come with the platter combo, I had to get this.

20170109_193443aLeftovers for tommorrow

Jamaican Grill 10am-10pm daily
Dine In, Take Out, or Order Online
Hagatna: 472-2000/2600 hagatna@jamaicangrill.comTumon: 647-3000/4000 tumon@jamaicangrill.com
Dededo: 633-3000/4000 dededo@jamaicangrill.com

Ask them about their fundraiser programs.

Ya Mon Special January 2017: Sweet n’ Sour Jerk Pork

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