Tairyo Sushi

The choice for an impromptu lunch today with the Sales & Marketing ladies/coworkers of Holiday Resort & Spa Guam was Tairyo Sushi. Not only it is next door to the hotel, it is also affordable.

(L-R) Kiyome “Omes”, Masami “Mimi”, Ina “Mama”, Me, Ritchell “Love”, Gabbi “Hanai”

It was the first time dining at Tairyo for Masami, Ina, Ritchell, and Gabbi and they loved it. When Bear and I can’t decide on where to eat, we normally end up here.

Insider tip: Go to Masami’s Japanese Blog -> Bambino est2009

Rotary sushi belt ready for us

Bring it on!

Before you move further, let me show you how I orgami my chopstick wrapper into a simple chopstick holder/rest.

Orgami chopstick rest
Spicy mayo shrimp and mussel rolls & prawn nigiri

My favorites!

20170111_123921aTower of hunger

Tairyo is located within the Blue Lagoon Plaza, between The Pentagon (if you’re a clubber, you would know) and Tairyo’s sister company Kai Japanese Restaurant.

Tairyo offers a small selection of sushi but enough to satisfy your quick appetite. Seating is limited so best to get there as soon as they open plus the rotary is filled.


Tairyo Sushi
Lunch: 11:30am-2:00pm
Dinner: 6:00pm-10:00pm

Passion: Dining

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