Cruising Around the Island

Mom occasionally likes to drive around the island and even though we stop by the normal sites, it never gets old. Sunday’s cruise around the island didn’t seem so promising with the heavy rain falls but the sun made its presence as soon as we exited the central part of the island. With 2 cars, we took the Yona route and worked our way down south trying to catch Hotnu Bakery before they closed at 2pm… it was 1:00pm when we started.

Tucked in the middle of the small village of Inarajan, Hotnu Bakery offers freshly baked breads and pizza that are cooked up in a traditional Spanish style brick oven. Open only 3 days of the week, locals and visitors can order mouth-watering items and watch as they are cooked in the 600°F hutnu with flaming bamboo.

Located within the George Flores Old Store and History Center, visitors can view artifacts, learn a bit about Guam’s history, and purchase handmade items of Guam.


We luckily reached the bakery in time and was able to grab 1 tuba bread and 2 coconut breads that just came out of the hotnu.

I didn’t take good photos the items this visit but here are photos of items purchased from previous visits to the bakery.

Hotnu Bakery
138 San Jose Avenue, Inarajan
Thursday: 4pm-8pmWeekends: 8am-2pm

9″ breads are $8 – coconut, butter, tuba, and cinnamon roll
16″ pizzas are $13-$15 – pepperoni, chicken ranch, and supreme

We took our goodies and made our way to the Inarajan pools. Here are few historic homes we passed on our way to the pools. While you are in the village, be sure can stop by the Chief Gadao statue, Gef Pa’go Chamorro Cultural Village, and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.


The weather held up allowing many island residents & visitors to enjoy the pools. We were going to go up the stairs built across the pools but when we saw one guy fall in attempt to climb it we decided it wasn’t such a great idea since the rainfall may have left the steps slippery. Thankfully the guy was okay and escaped with no major injury to his spine.

We devoured our breads and moved onto Merizo pier. The pier was crowded with parties so we parked ourselves slightly past the piers which offered good shade to sit and relax while enjoying the view Cocos Island and jet skiers in the lagoon.


Last stop was Fort Soledad, Umatac.

Ayden even hooked up with a Harley gal.


However, with the recent passing of Fort Soledad’s carabao man, Big John Tedtaotao, the stop was just not the same. We are used to seeing him at the front pavilion with his beloved carabao Betsy. Here are the last photos we took with Big John & Betsy. May he rest in peace. We hope to see Betsy there again with a family member who will continue Big John’s loving tradition. (tear)

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