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Pika’s Cafe

Pika's Cafe
Pika’s Cafe

We started going to Pika’s Cafe when they first opened their doors and were located on the opposite end of the building they are currently located. The former location was smaller with only approximately 20 seats. Since expanding, they have grown their image and brand to be one of the island’s favorite breakfast and lunch joints with locals and visitors.

Bear was craving for their breakfast kimchee & bulgogi fried rice and salmon benedict so we rushed over and got there by 10:00 am knowing breakfast service ends at 10:30 am. We were told upon signing the wait list that it’ll be a 10 minute wait so we were happy that we’ll still be able to order breakfast.

During our wait outside one server opened the door as guests were leaving and mentioned that they would be opening on Sundays. I was surprised but saw it coming seeing with how popular the restaurant has become.

I would always tell others that Pika, co-owner of Pika’s Cafe, had mentioned during a Guam Women’s Chamber round table meeting that one of her conditions to her husband before opening the restaurant was that Sunday’s would be their family day to spend time with their children so opening on Sunday was off limits. I always thought this was a great ground rule and example for business owners with children. However on that same token I always thought Sunday was one day that many locals and visitors dined out and was a day that most restaurants should open their doors, especially the popular ones.

I checked their Facebook page and it confirmed January 22 as their first Sunday operation. Yay! We don’t only have Saturday to dine there. The wait would not be as long now that weekend diners have a choice or… are Sunday church goers going to be our next hurdle. The struggle is real with a restaurant in such demand. We need a plan of attack.

With that said, we finally got seated after 30 minutes and the lunch menu was now in effect. Bummers!

Coffee first

Our server was courteous and consistently checked on us even as busy as they were.

Our server did not mention to us about opening on Sunday. Yet, I wonder if the owners dedicated another day of the week as their family day or is it still Sunday and they are entrusting the Sunday operation to their dedicated and hard working staff members to keep the restaurant afloat.

Breakfast at Pika's
Lunch at Pika’s

Bear ordered the Classic Burger Champ with Fried Egg. It was a very tasty burger and the ciabata bun, lana sauce, and avocado was a nice touch on the classic burger. However, he would have liked the the classic burger condiments of ketchup, mayo, and mustard in the burger or on the side. The burger was served alone with no starch. Regular or shoe string fries would complete the $15.00 dish. A small portion of fried taro, lemai, or banana chips would add an island touch.

Classic Burger
Classic Burger Champ $15.00

I was glad to a different item and ordered the Shrimp Club panini. The chili aioli had a slight kick and the panini was grilled to perfection. At $14.00, I also would have liked a starch to accompany my meal and maybe a creamy dipping sauce like ranch dressing to mellow down the chili aioli.

Shrimp Panini
Shrimp Club $14.00

I am glad to see how successful Pika’s Cafe has become. They have won in different categories for Pika’s Best over the years. We will continue to dine here even without the condiments and starches. It is one of our highly recommended places to visiting family, friends, and clients.

Pika’s Cafe $$
Open daily: 7:30am-3:00pm
888 N. Marine Corps Drive
Star Building,
(Chamorro directions: across St. John’s school)
671-647-PIKA (7452)

View their menus at:
To Go: http://tinyurl.com/PikasToGo2015
Kids: http://tinyurl.com/PikasKids2013
Catering & Private Party Menu: http://tinyurl.com/Catering2014Pikas

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Thunder Chicken

After naming every restaurant in Tumon for dinner with our daughter Sera last night we decided on Thunder Chicken. We went to our usual spot, Tairyo Sushi, the other night and wanted to try something different.

We discovered this Korean fusion restaurant months after they opened their doors in 2015 and we’re glad did. A slow stroll through Tumon to find a restaurant we hadn’t tried and a quick glimpse under Jamaican Grill was all it took. Something in its name gets us every time. Finding parking can be troublesome with limited parking shared by Jamaican Grill and ABC Store customers. Fortunately, I was early and found parking in the front.

This Korea franchise restaurant is located in Tumon near other restaurants and shops. You can miss it from the main street since it is set back within the parking structure, and partially hidden by the Jamaican Grill staircase. The white rope lighting is attempt to draw customers inside.

You’ll notice the unique decor going on, something you’ll find in a burger/pub joint. License plates from around world, sports memorabilia, and beer ads adorn the walls. Tiki gods greet you at the entrance. There is open seating as well as 4 pax tables in semi private cubicles.


The prices are quite reasonable unless you want to try every flavor of chicken offered – Crispy, Soy Sauce, Seasoned, Chili, Onion7 Soy Sauce, Onion, Garlic, Green Onion, and Crispy Bonesless/Wing. Half orders are offered at $13.00, whole orders at $22.00-$24.00, as well as 1/2 Crispy and 1/2 Your Choice at $22.00.

Our Order
Fried Dumplings $5.00
1/2 Crispy and 1/2 Your Choice $22.00
– comes with side salad
Fried Rice $8.00
Cheese Corn $8.00 (1st time to order)

Order up

Their menu contains many items with their chicken being the main focus. Cutlets, soups/stews, fried/steamed egg, squid, udon, ramon, rice cake, shrimp, french fries, onion rings, rice balls, and even chicken feet & gizzard. Did I mention it is Korean Fusion.

It was our first time ordering the cheese corn and it was surprisingly addicting. I’m a sucker for corn and when paired with cheese… OMGosh! I feel like placing a to go order of this. Sweet corn, butter, and mozzarella cheese. The fried rice has julienned cabbage, onion, & green onion with scrambled eggs.

The menu warns that their chicken is lightly seasoned but don’t let that fool you if  you are sensitive to spicy dishes like I am. It is Korean franchised, owned, and operated…enough said. The crispy chicken was, like the warning, lightly seasoned but tolerable. The garlic chicken on the other hand leaves a nice kick at the back of your throat but my warning… you won’t be able to stop eating it.

Fried dumpling/gyoza
Cheese corn
Cheese corn goodness
1/2 crispy, 1/2 garlic

Thunder Chicken Tumon
Carol Rose Tumon Plaza
Located across P.I.C. Hotel, under Jamaican Grill
Phone: 649-8088

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Tairyo Sushi

The choice for an impromptu lunch today with the Sales & Marketing ladies/coworkers of Holiday Resort & Spa Guam was Tairyo Sushi. Not only it is next door to the hotel, it is also affordable.

(L-R) Kiyome “Omes”, Masami “Mimi”, Ina “Mama”, Me, Ritchell “Love”, Gabbi “Hanai”

It was the first time dining at Tairyo for Masami, Ina, Ritchell, and Gabbi and they loved it. When Bear and I can’t decide on where to eat, we normally end up here.

Insider tip: Go to Masami’s Japanese Blog -> Bambino est2009

Rotary sushi belt ready for us

Bring it on!

Before you move further, let me show you how I orgami my chopstick wrapper into a simple chopstick holder/rest.

Orgami chopstick rest
Spicy mayo shrimp and mussel rolls & prawn nigiri

My favorites!

20170111_123921aTower of hunger

Tairyo is located within the Blue Lagoon Plaza, between The Pentagon (if you’re a clubber, you would know) and Tairyo’s sister company Kai Japanese Restaurant.

Tairyo offers a small selection of sushi but enough to satisfy your quick appetite. Seating is limited so best to get there as soon as they open plus the rotary is filled.


Tairyo Sushi
Lunch: 11:30am-2:00pm
Dinner: 6:00pm-10:00pm

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